Sugarflair Paste Colour TANGERINE 400g

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Sugarflair Paste Colour TANGERINE 400g

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The Spectral Concentrated Paste Colours from Sugarflair give marzipan, fondant and gum paste beautiful natural colours. You only need a small amount to create stunning results.

  • Colour: tangerine.
  • Highly concentrated food colour.
  • Suitable for all water-based foods.
  • Content: 400 gram.

Instructions: colour in small amount by applying the paste with a clean cocktail stick or something like it, then knead well until the marzipan/fondant is fully coloured. Add more paste colour for a richer colour.

Ingredients: humectant: E422, solvent: E1520, thickener: E551, colour: E110. E110: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. This product is: suitable for vegetarians, suitable for vegans.

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